Affordable Junk Removal

Junk Bin Rentals by 310 BINS

Affordable bin rentals services to Edmonton and area. We supply junk bin rentals, shingle bins, dirt bins to individuals, commercial clients as well short and long term contractor bin rentals.



$299.00 + GST

Over 10 Years of Junk Removal and Demolition Experience

310 BINS was established more than ten years ago in Edmonton, Alberta as a junk removal business. Our motto was always to leave our clients happy with a satisfying experience.

Primarily, we offer services such as junk bin rentals for do-it-yourself junk removal projects, 

In addition to junk bin rentals, we also offer full service load and haul junk removal, tree cutting, scrap car removal, furniture and appliances removal. We also provide debris removal, demolition removal services as well as other miscellaneous services for your convenience.

Bin Rentals by 310 BINS

When you need a hand with your Junk Removal...

Full Service Junk Removal and Haul Away!

Need a bit more than the self-serve load offered with our junk bin rentals? How about our full service load and haul  service. We will arrive at your place and inspect what needs to be hauled away (or if there is enough details with your quote request, we will give you an instant quote). If you agree with the quoted price, we can haul on the same visit (if we have visited you to give you a quote) or as early as next business day if we have quoted you over the phone. >If you need more time to decide or you are not comfortable with the quote received, worry not, there is no cost or the obligation for the quote or for the site visit.
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Please send us a picture of your project if you have. You can attach multiple images (up to 10) to help us better in giving you an accurate quote.

At 310 BINS, the great service and the great customer satisfaction are our top priority. We want to be your go-to junk removal company ...

When you rent a bin from 310 BINS

When you rent a bin from 310 BINS, you never pay extra for special handling items such as mattresses, batteries, appliances, TVs, computers, monitor screens, etc. These and many other so called “special handling items” are permitted at no extra charge when you rent your junk bin from 310 BINS.

Blue Bin Rentals Furniture Removal

Mattresses and Furniture

We do not charge for disposing of mattresses and furniture (including couches, loveseats, sofas, dressers, hutches, tables, chairs and many other items). Simply dispose them in the bin with your other items you wish to be hauled away, no need to sort or dispose of separately.

Blue Bin Rentals Tires and Rims Disposal

Tires and Rims

When you rent a bin from 310 BINS you can dispose of tires and rims with your other items to be hauled away. You may also dispose of car parts, tools and other items as long as they are not contaminated with gasoline or other flammable materials.

Batteries Disposal


We at 310 BINScare about the environment. While we accept car batteries we ask that you place car batteries as well as any household, computer, tool batteries etc. on the side of the bin (please package small batteries into a sturdy container or a bag so that we can recycle them .


In addition to many other household items, our junk bins will also take major electronics such as fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, TVs, computer and laptops, monitor screens etc. , all without any extra surcharges or disposal fees.

Special Disposal Items

While we will take following items without extra fees or charges, they must be disposed of in a separate bins designated for just that specific purpose and without containing any other items.

Sod and Dirt Bin Rentals

Clean sod and dirt can be disposed of in our special designated dirt and sod bins. As sod and dirt is being sent to a special recycling facility that will not accept other items and debris, please do not dispose any other items except sod and dirt into our Sod and Dirt Bin Rentals

Shingle Bin Rentals

Just as with Sod and Dirt, we will accept shingles but only in a specially designated Shingle Bins and not mixed with any other debris. As with Sod and Dirt, Shingles you dispose will be diverted from a landfill and recycled into useful items. Please respect the environment and do not dispose other materials into Shingle Bin Rentals.